Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Part 4

Dolls that define the Mod Era are the Mod Barbies including Francie, Twiggy, and Julia (Diahann Carroll).  Crissy and Velvet have both Mod and Hippie clothes.  The 6” tall Dawn line has a remarkable Mod wardrobe. Tiffany Taylor, although more disco era, has the exaggerated eye make -up that I remember wearing.

In the late 1990s Doug James and Laura Meisner introduced the Somers and Field dolls.  According to their story line Willow Somers and Daisy Fields were “Mod Birds” who lived in London in the 1960s. Their fathers owned the Somers and Field department store.  Willow is British and Daisy is British/Indian.  This line was made by Knickerbocker and their clothes represent the designers’ love affair with the Mod era.

Look at the pictures here and see if you remember having any of these outfits.  Not sure if you were a hippie or a Mod?  Then, my dear, you must have been a square.


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