Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dolls with Nothing to Wear

I bought these two dolls at an auction years ago with the clear objective of making them wonderful outfits.  Poor things, it hasn't happened yet.  Finally a friend took mercy on the brunette and made her a dress and hat.  She now has joined my little family of German dolls.  Serendipitously I have bought a mama and some children that just look right together.  Only one of them has an original costume that has survived and that costume is just being held together by dirt.  Generally I am in favor of gently washing doll clothing, but I know that outfit wouldn't survive. 
I have the habit of sketching out all my own outfits that I will take on road trips, especially conventions and shows, so that I will pack everything that I need.  I have done this for decades.  Sometimes I find an old sketch and realize I still have an outfit or two that should have gone out the door ages ago.  Those outfits aren't quite as old as these dolls but they are getting there.

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