Monday, January 27, 2014

Mod Era
 Part 2

 For girls it was the mini skirt, tights, and go-go boots.  The androgynous look was also popular for girls.  The peacock wing evolved into what was known as the Swinging London style.  Eyes were what counted when it came to makeup.  Dramatic eye makeup was enhanced with false eyelashes.  Twiggy,  Jean Shrimpton and Peggy Moffit were the icons for this movement.

Both sexes wore clothes decorated with the Union  Jack or Pop Art designs.  Dessert boots or Beatle boots were popular with both sexes.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

I have been working on a program about the Mod Era for one of my doll clubs.  Here's a little of the program plus a couple of Flatsies and a doll from the Willow and Daisy series.  My Mod Era paper doll book is still available.

The Mod Era

The Mod Era began in England the early 196os and rapidly spread to youths around the world.  It is believed to be the successor to the Beatniks,   Mod being short for Modernists, a term the Beatniks used.  Mod culture unlike the co-existent Hippie culture embraced consumerism.

In Mod culture clothing was very important.  If you think about the early Beatles in their well-tailored tight-pantsed suits, you see what the boys were wearing.  Male Mods wore tailor made suits, thin ties, and button-down collar shirts.